The goodbyes end…

9 01 2011

We have now said our farewells to parents, friends and family in Britain and Australia.

We had a busy but lovely final week in the UK at the end of November with Benjamin’s parents, having had some stressful weeks packing up and leaving St Albans. We were really stretched during those final weeks but were blown away by everyone’s support. At that time, Daniel’s focus was on the snow and he was particularly excited about building his first snowman.

Snowy beach - East Preston, UK

We arrived in Melbourne at the beginning of December and stayed with Charmari’s parents. It was great to be with the extended family for Christmas, and lovely for many of them to meet Jonah for the first time. He delighted all he met with his smiles, kisses, dancing, and running. Daniel’s best day was spent with his cousin on Puffing Billy, an old working steam engine.

Sandy beach - Venus Bay, Australia

Having spent nearly five weeks in Australia – which included great family times, beach moments, catchups with friends, as well as an unfortunate ambulance journey for Jonah who suffered croup – we generally feel refreshed (Benjamin wondered if the cricket scores helped).  We thank those of you who have prayed for us during this time of preparation and rest.

Daniel & Tarquin before boarding Puffing Billy

We are currently in transit in Los Angeles (and by crossing the international date line, we have lived Sunday 9th January twice!). We will be arriving into Guatemala City early morning on Tuesday 11th January. We can’t believe that the moment has finally come…..




2 responses

10 01 2011

Best of luck to you all – We mentioned you all in the Good News this month at St Mary’s and we are all praying for a safe trip and housing for the boys to explore.
God Bless you xxxxx

10 01 2011
Sarah & Chris

Lovely to see the pickies and here a little update. Hope all goes well as you begin this new stage. Praying for good beginnings and peace.

S xx

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