We’ve arrived!

12 01 2011

Well, after the months of discussion, planning and general busy-ness we finally landed safely in Guatemala yesterday morning.

We were welcomed by Suzanne (our Latin Link coordinator) and Israel & Lily Ortiz at the airport.  Checking into the flight at Los Angeles airport was not an easy process, but after nearly two hours standing at the check-in counter and negotiating our way through various hurdles (and after many prayers), our boarding passes were finally issued!  Towards the end of the flight, as Daniel roused from his sleep, he asked excitedly “why can I see volcanoes out of my window?”.  We had arrived.

On arrival, as we drove through Guatemala City, we reflected on all that we saw, marvelling that all this would become part of our new everyday.

We have spent the last day acclimatising to the new timezone and getting to know the Ortiz family who head up the Centro Esdras project where we will be working.  We have been amazingly welcomed by them and this has helped us to start adjusting.

Tomorrow, we venture out for our first Guatemalan shopping experience which should be interesting.




2 responses

14 01 2011

Hi Guys! Thanks so much for posting your news. We are very excited for you. You are amazing! We hope and pray that you settle in quickly, make some lovely friends, that the boys settle for you and that you feel at home quickly!
Miss you already.



15 01 2011
The Nielsen's

So glad you arrived safely and are settling in before the conference. How was the shopping? Did you see volcanoes? Praying for you! Love you all

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