First few days in Guatemala City

15 01 2011

Over these last few days, we’ve had a good opportunity to get to know the Ortiz family better.  Israel and Lily started Centros Esdras just over two years ago and it has been great to understand more of the vision and background as they seek to enable leaders within the Guatemalan church so that they are better equipped to positively impact and improve their communities. Israel and Lily have three children in their twenties, two of whom are living at home with them – Emily and Isra (Alex is doing a Latin Link placement back in the UK). We have been fortunate to spend time with such a generous and loving family.

Charmari & Jonah with Lily & Israel


During these first few days we have also:

  • Sampled some typical Guatemalan cuisine – frijoles (refried beans – black in colour), small corn tortillas and a very authentic chicharones (Guatemala BBQ).
  • Had some great chats with Isra (son) about the social and political state of Guatemala.  He is studying sociology at the university and has a key role in the Christian student movement.
  • Visited a very sanitized US-style shopping mall (paying a small fortune for Pampers nappies). Unlikely to revisit on a regular basis!
  • Taken over the Ortiz’s living space with Daniel’s train set and Jonah’s books.
  • Met some good friends of the Ortiz’s who are also on the board of Centro Esdras.
  • Taken Kika, the dog for a walk around the gated community we are living in and hearing Daniel copy Isra’s commands: “Kika, vamos! Muy bien.”
  • Dropped in at the British Embassy to start processing our residential visas for Guatemala.
  • Started to practice our Spanish.
  • With Suzanne, Israel and Isra, taken Daniel and Jonah to the zoo! Daniel’s favourites were the elephants, turtles (!) and the mini train-ride around the excellent little zoo.
  • Finally found a slower pace and had good family times.

The Ortiz's home in Guatemala City

View out of window driving along main artery known as 'Roosevelt'

A view of a typical street

Daniel, Isra and Suzanne with the giraffes at the zoo

Israel, Benjamin & Otto

We would appreciate continued prayers for adjustment, safety and for Daniel who was feeling a little bit sad today after having a lovely conversation with his Grandpa and Lao Lao (grandma) in the UK, saying later in the day, that he would “like to go back to St Albans”.  He has done well over these last days, slept, played and eaten well; he has formed remarkably strong bonds with the Ortiz’s in such a short time, but today was definitely a ‘wobbly’ one for him.  Jonah has been a little unwell – he still has a cough but has been on good form; very active and adventurous as usual, interested in people with lots of smiles and waves.  His communication is improving as he picks up more sounds and gestures; we definitely know what he wants when he wants it!

This has been an important time for us in starting to adjust to the new culture – albeit slowly; getting to know key people as well as resting before we head to Nicaragua for the 4-day Latin Link annual Central America conference this coming Thursday.




3 responses

20 01 2011
Sarah & Chris

Lovely to see the pickies! Love the youtube clip too – amazing. Hope the flight to N. goes as smoothly as possible and that the conference is full of surprises (good ones…)

Big hugs and heaps of love.

Sarah xx

24 01 2011

Guys, great to see you’re settling in and all looking so well.

Life crazy as ever with the kids keeping us busy as ever. At least no more snow as it was freezing over xmas.

Joy to all

Love from the chilly England.

Craig, Ali, Charlotte & Elliot

25 01 2011
Peter Crumpler

Never a dull moment then! Great to hear your news. Prayer meeting was great- you will hear more of that from S &C. Peace and many blessings, Lin

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