New language, new home

17 02 2011

We are now in our new home in Antigua.  We have been here four weeks – with a very poor internet connection, hence the gap since our last blog update.

We live in a typical condominium (‘la residencia’) which has five houses and communal space and a high locked gate at the front.  There is also a locked gate at the top of the street. The gardens are very well kept, and the children really enjoy playing outside.

Inside the house


Outside our new home

Language classes are well and truly underway. We have been in one-to-one classes for three weeks now. We walk to La Union School (20mins) from our home and Benjamin’s morning session goes from 8-11am, then I do 12-3pm – both of us have Silvia as a teacher. As well as normal classes, during the sessions she is able to take us around town to discuss different things, and today she showed me (Charmari) the meat section of the huge market (I had not been able to find it) and I bought some fish there. This is a really amazing time of language acquisition for both of us in different ways. We are enjoying learning and have a chance to practice with the various people we are meeting.  We have made a short/shakey video of our walk to school – click on the link to view

It is nice to finally have a normal rhythm to life even though times are exhausting. The children are enjoying having one-to-one time with mum and dad during different parts of the day. We have dinner together in the early evening and after the mayhem of putting the boys through showers (as there are no baths here) – they get to bed by 7:30. We usually have an hour of Spanish homework and then we tussle with the internet connection to send off one or two emails before we collapse in bed.

Thanks again for all your emails (you can still email us at our gmail addresses) and for your support and encouragement during this time. It feels quite surreal in one sense – on our way to school, as we walk over cobbled roads, past historic buildings, gazing out to volcanoes, and yet it is difficult to be away from the ones we love and settle into a new culture. We really value all your communication (apologies when we can’t reply as promptly as we’d like to) – and are so grateful for your prayers.




2 responses

18 02 2011
Peter Crumpler

Loved watching the videos on u tube. Love Lin

12 03 2011
Chris and Richard

Felt really homesick watching the video!!! We are thrilled that things continue to go well for you – you are so in our prayers and thoughts. Chris & Richard x

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