Daniel’s first day at pre-school

9 03 2011

Daniel has started pre-school in Antigua this week. It has been difficult for his parents (!) but he has generally enjoyed his days there so far.  We have chosen a bi-lingual Montessori school which means that he will still be understood when he communicates in English, although most of the children and teachers speak Spanish.  We would have preferred that he went only some days each week, but the options are that he either goes every day Mon-Fri for fours hours each day, or he stays at home all week.  Despite many conflicting thoughts and a huge desire to keep him at home, we felt that this would be a good time for Daniel to start socialising with some little ‘friends’ as well as start being exposed to the new language.

Daniel's first day at pre-school

Setting off with mummy

He has loved the activities they do there and we are really pleased with the ethos of the school, however some of the outside play times have been more difficult for him as some of the children, especially the older boys, are a little rough.  He is such a gentle and innocent soul and we just want to keep him all wrapped up!  (We are acknowledging that this is a big change for all the family…). The other day, he said he had liked playing with some little girls in his class, which is lovely.

We would appreciate continued prayers for his settling into the school and adjusting to all the changes, including the language.

One of the benefits of Daniel being at his pre-school is that whichever one of us is looking after Jonah that morning (we are now swapping over each week), gets to give Jonah some quality one-to-one time which he is really benefiting from.




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16 03 2011

Wow Daniel, you look so grown up with your back pack on, off to pre-school for the day! We hope you are making some lovely friends and enjoying playing with all the toys. Amy’s favourite things at her pre-school are painting, playing in the garden and scootering. What are you favourite things?

Lots and lots of love from
Sarah xxxx

20 03 2011

Hi Daniel!
Hope you have a wonderful Sunday with your Mummy and Daddy and little brother. We are off to our church today. Sometimes we go on our bicycles but when it’s raining we go in the car. Amy and Rebekah love to be on the bikes and Amy is even learning to ride by herself. I will send you a picture of her soon. She has a blue bike.
We love you lots and lots.
Sarah xxxx

17 03 2011
Peter & Lin

Chris & Sarah H, Andy, Lin and I met to pray for you all in St Albans this evening. We loved the photo of Daniel going off to school! We prayed for all aspects of your new life in Guatemala, and have some pictures and words to let you have by email. Much love to you all.

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