Initial connections

21 04 2011

In our time in Antigua, we have come across many people and families through our Spanish school, our church in the capital, the Ortizes, Daniel’s school and random gatherings (including the annual British embassy event!).

All the time, we are meeting Guatemalans who are so warm and friendly. We have recently met Anita and Esteban, who have a 3-year old daughter Paola. We went for a day at the beach together and hope to see them again soon. They have been very generous towards us.

New friendships

Silvia is our Spanish teacher. Newly married for just two months when we started out with her, it has been a great getting to know her better. She is an evangelical Christian (the lines are heavily drawn between Catholics who make up 60% of the population and the Evangelicals who make up over a third). We’ve all shared a lot and she has told us that she has really been encouraged her in her own faith during our time together. We hope to stay in touch once we finish this initial block of study with her.

Christian is our friend who drives a taxi. We have had some great conversations with him, and it was good to meet his wife recently too. As well as driving a taxi, he is a volunteer firefighter/paramedic (‘bombero’). He is so honest, generous and always willing to help. It has been great to hear about his own faith and be able to share ours as well. Benjamin has accepted his offer to come out for a night in the ‘ambulancia’ with the Bomberos in San Lucas one night (not the ‘intense’ capital city, don’t worry!).

Antigua has a big expat community as well as multitudes of travellers coming to study Spanish. We connected with an Australian girl at our language school for the weeks that she was in Guatemala – she spent time with our family at our home in order that she could have some ‘peace’ while she sorted things out. We have also gone out a few times with a young North American couple and their friends. There is a lovely missionary family from the States that live nearby and we’ve been able to see them a few times too.

We continue to pray for new connections and friendships.




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