Lake Atitlan

5 05 2011

Last week we visited Lago Atitlan for a few days, which is one of the famous and must-see places in Guatemala. We haven’t done much travelling around the country so far in our time here so it was good to a beautiful part of this land.

It is a most amazing place with this huge panoramic lake surrounded by volcanoes (short video of the lake). There are small towns dotted around the periphery of the lake that each have their own craft speciality, be that textile weaving or ceramics.

Family, volcanos & the lake

Another big bonus part of the trip was Matthew (Benjamin’s brother) came for a surprise visit for just a week which was great for us and the boys (who love their uncle very much 🙂 here is a link of the boys dancing on holiday). The timing of his visit was great because we had taken time off language classes after a 3-month block of study. It meant we had time to spend on the holiday talking to him and properly catching-up on the past few months. Matthew was also hugely helpful with looking after the boys, who can be really tiring so having a hands-on helper improved our time at the lake no end!

We stayed in Panajachel, the main town by the lake. It was a friendly place that we felt we could relax in. We also had time to cross the lake on a ‘lancha’ (small boat) and visit a few of the villages along the way. The boys (big & small!) and the girl too (!) loved travelling on the water and the speed at which we went!

We were also able to visit a local nature reserve – we knew the children would love seeing the monkeys and butterflies. But the main event there were these incredible ‘zip-wires’ that were criss-crossed across the jungle canopy. The wires were tens of metres above the tree tops and gave awesome views of the lake and surrounds. We used to call them ‘death-slides’ and the first few looked as if they would live up to their name (short clip of Benjamin ‘flying’). There were 8 in all and the longest was over 300m. Benjamin made sufficient enough noise to make both the monkeys and butterflies think about moving on! The whole thing was exhilarating!

It was a great little break, and we felt rested on our return back to Antigua.




4 responses

8 05 2011
Peter & Lin

Really good you were able to have such a happy (and adventurous!) break. The video of the lake is awesome. Wonderful to see the boys dancing too. Good to hear of the local friendships being built. We meet to pray in SA next week. Much love, Peter and Lin

11 05 2011

I loved the videos of the boys they look so well…Jonah is so cute dancing and doesn’t he love his food!
Miss you all lots

17 05 2011

So great to hear that you got to have such a wonderful break? Hope you are feeling refreshed and able to press on with the language training. What a blessing you are already!! Lots of love. Maxine xx

25 05 2011
Mike Wisheart

Hi Downings – great to read of your exploits – in our prayers. Mike

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