Spanish classes finish

26 06 2011

After five months of intense Spanish study, we have completed our language preparation. Time has flown so fast – we can’t quite believe it! We have studied much of the grammar and are at a stage where we can conduct conversations and understand most of what is being said. We are nowhere near fluency, but we have enough to get stuck into work and live in a Spanish-speaking world. We both imagine that we will be wanting top-ups in a few months time, so that we can keep learning and improving.

Ledy, one of our Spanish teachers

This has been a really positive, challenging and important first chapter of our time here in Guatemala. Whilst we have been at La Union Spanish School, we’ve had three different teachers – Silvia, Ledy and Marielos. We have learnt lots of from each of them, and feel a bit sad that this time has come to an end. We have formed really good relationships with each of them and hope that we will see them all again over the coming months. We our grateful that God has been able to use us in different ways through each of these relationships.

Marielos, who we had for the last 4 weeks of classes

This period has also been particularly poignant because we have had some great times together as a family and with each of the boys.

These are our last few days in Antigua – we are in the midst of packing up one house in readiness for the next. Exciting days ahead…

A flag painted specially for Charmari, the first student at the school to come from Sri Lanka




One response

28 06 2011

Hi Daniel & Jonah

We pray that you’ll be very happy in your new house. I will ask God to bless you there.

We are sending you lots of hugs and kisses – you can share them with Mummy & Daddy

Chris & Sarah

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