In San Lucas

13 07 2011

We have been in our new home for nearly 2 weeks now and everyone is settling in well. The boys have enjoyed the larger indoor spaces and even though the outdoor space is not as extensive, they love to be out, even in the rain!

Playing in the rain

We live in a group of three different coloured houses which share the front driveway/garden and a gate. Ours is the blue house. This is set within a secure guard-controlled ‘colonia’ of 8 streets and over a hundred homes.

The blue house

San Lucas Sacatequepez is a village set at an altitude of 2025m. Guatemala City is to the north, and it will probably take 20 or so minutes drive for Benjamin to get to the Centro Esdras office. Antigua is 20mins to the south and is currently where Daniel is going to his pre-school.

We are pleased to be in our new permanent home and are slowly getting used to the new surrounds.

It is also good to know a few people in San Lucas. Suzanne, our Latin Link Co-ordinator lives 15minutes walk away. Also, our Guatemalan friend Christian also lives here. He, his wife and three children came for Saturday pancakes at our house last week, and we had lunch with their family today. It was so lovely to spend time with him and the extended family (grandparents, aunts, cousins, dogs, cats, rabbits, duck, etc..!). Daniel and Jonah loved meeting a few new amigos too.




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