New office for Centro Esdras

6 09 2011

The great news is that we have found an office for Centro Esdras. This has been an ongoing issue since we arrived. It is a real challenge to find good and affordable office space in Guatemala City. It has now happened, so thank you to all of those who have been praying for this. This means we can all work in the same place which will hopefully begin the process of being more of a team.

Centro Esdras had to move from the last office after being burgled three times in succession and losing all their office equipment (as well as all (48!) of their chairs for the workshops). This is just part of the challenge of living and running a business in this city.

Yesterday Benjamin helped move furniture and various boxes into the office, so the place is beginning to take shape. We might actually sit at a desk tomorrow :).

P.S.  Sorry for the lack of photos on our recent blogs both our computers are broken so we can’t upload any pictures.




One response

10 10 2011

Cant wait to see you guys, it really sounds as if it is coming together and beginning another chapter. Really miss you and looking forward to catch-up especially with Daniel and Jonah who always look so happy and funfilled (yes I know it looks different from a parents perspective at 5 in the morning – enjoy, it only last for 30 years). I have decided to come by freighter to make room for the Christmas presents we are accumulating. Love to you all and see you later!

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