A hospital visit for Charmari

17 11 2011

Before Benjamin arrived back home from his time in Peten, I had an attack of food poisoning. A piece of ham, a few days too old. The children ate the ham and thankfully, they were fine. But my stomach pains kept getting worse and nothing seemed to shift it, even 2 days later.

Benjamin arrived back to a bed-ridden wife and two riotous little ones to look after. After one doctor’s visit and still no improvement, by day 3, I was in excruciating pain, unable to walk and with a hugely bloated abdomen. It seemed time to get seen by the hospital, so with the boys in Suzanne’s care (our Latin Link co-ordinator), we set off to Antigua’s private Hermano Pedro Hospital – a very pretty setting. I stayed for 2 nights and 2 days and was scanned, tested, and fed pain killers, antibiotics, nutrients and whoever knows what else through a drip. The final diagnosis was a nasty intestinal infection caused by food poisoning which had caused my inflammation and the trapping of gases.

Charmari being discharged from hospital

On discharge, I still had a huge tummy, abdominal pain and could only just hobble around, but the swelling had reduced and I felt much better. I had really good care at the hospital and will have a final check-up on Saturday to check how my recovery is progressing – it certainly feels very slow. I’ve been home two days and definitely feel better, but my energy levels are low and my bowels are yet to return to normal function!

Benjamin has been off work all week looking after everyone and running the house. What a star. This has been an amazing time of people coming together to care for us, look after the children, help where needed. And we have appreciated the phone calls from family back at home and all the wishes and prayers of everyone from around the world. God’s community coming together.




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