A new diploma (and other learnings)

30 03 2012

Centro Esdras has started teaching a diploma for leaders and pastors in Guatemala City. The diploma is made up of 8 modules covering various subjects such as Biblical worldview, transformational leadership, designing community projects and personal spirituality. The diploma has been run in various places across the country but always in the countryside (el campo). After several requests for it to be run in the city, it was decided to run the course every week for 7-months, and it began in February 2012.

Yesterday was the last of the seven sessions of the first ‘term’ and we will have a week off next week for the week before Easter and then recommence with two new subjects. The first term focussed on Biblical Worldview and Personal Spirituality, the former seeks to examine the thinking (theology) we all carry around with us and assume is something like Biblical! The latter module was focussed on learning about integrating faith with all of our lives, through learning from others that have gone before us.

The Diploma in Session

The course for me (Benjamin) was full of highs and lows! Lily one of the directors of Centro Esdras was a lifesaver in many ways. I prepared all my course material in English and then translated it into Spanish. However as many of you know, you can’t translate from one language into another word for word and get the same inferences and meaning. This is where Lily came in and helped hugely by giving my sessions the nuances of local understanding and assumptions.

Teaching for a whole term in Spanish was a real (and worthwhile) challenge, some of the weeks were really hard and didn’t go well. Trying to communicate in Spanish conversation is one thing but trying to teach theology and spirituality in it is a different matter. However, overall it was pleasing to complete the first lot of sessions and hopefully it will be a base to progress further.

On reflection, I again have found that the most challenging times, where I am at the end of myself and abilities, and it is a struggle to to do well, end up being the most rich in learning…
…Life in all its fullness is found in the most usual places.




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