Preparing for two arrivals

2 06 2012

Baby Downing number 3 is nearly with us, and the preparations for the big arrival are nearly complete. I (Charmari) am almost 39 weeks and the due date is 12th June.

38 weeks pregnant

We are praying for a smooth birth, and although the health system here is very different, we have made great efforts to get to know the medical professionals that will be present at the birth and we have been able to discuss our expectations with them. God has been so faithful to us and we have felt so well provided for and supported during this time.

Waiting for baby

I have been thrown 2 baby showers – one by a group of mums of the English bible study group I am part of, and another one by our Guatemalan friends. We have appreciated the love of so many people, and have been blessed to have been gifted many of the baby things that we will need.

The cot/crib is painted, bags packed and car seat ready.

But before that, the first arrival we hope, will be on Tuesday when Benjamin’s parents arrive for one month. We are looking forward to that so, so much. The children are excited at being able to spend some time with their grandparents whom they haven’t seen for over 18 months.

Exciting and hectic weeks lie ahead. Looking forward to being able to share our news with you in the coming days/weeks….




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