Nearly 3 months after baby

20 08 2012

Elijah is now 11 weeks old. Things have settled down and we nearly no longer have a newborn (a bit sad, as they are so tiny and amazing when they are new but also exciting as he grows). We have been so blessed with our third son – he no longer has his intense tummy pains (which probably was a non-vomiting form of reflux), but thankfully, those days are behind us. He is just about sleeping through the night, doing 9 and 10 hour long stints every so often, so it gives us hope (Jonah took 2 and a half years to make it through the night, so this really is a nice change). Elijah appears to be very calm, patient, tolerant, smiley and desiring to ‘chat’ and to be around people.


His brothers love him to bits – Jonah runs to him when he hears him ‘Oh my lovely, don’t worry, Jonah’s coming’. He cuddles him, strokes him and has to be restrained from picking him up. ‘Mummy, you go shopping, I’ll look after him’, he says. Daniel sings Elijah songs, tells him about himself, recounts stories, teaches him Spanish and is generally communicative, gentle and loving.


We do feel very blessed as a family.

Benjamin continues to teach on the diploma course. Recent topics have been on Teamwork, and currently a 7-week course on Community Projects.  We have also had a lot of battles over our visa applications for residency.  They have been frustrating times and have called for a lot of patience, grace and endurance.  We hope to have an answer from Immigration within the next few weeks.

These have been rich times and God has been teaching us many lessons through these experiences.




2 responses

21 08 2012
jim wright

Thanks for the update. Sheila and I focused on you and the Leakes in our intercessions in church last Sunday. Great to hear the the transition with the new family member has been so good. Jim

24 08 2012
Daisy Minnerthey

It is so beautiful how they love each other as brothers :’) I will pray you have supernatural favour with Immigration. Lots of love from England, abrazoooo!

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