Diplomado Graduation

4 10 2012

The first Centro Esdras diploma based in the capital finished at the end of September. The course ran over 7-months and we covered a range of materials in 8 modules. Subjects included Personal Spirituality, The mission of the church, and Designing Community Projects. We had about 23 attendees for the whole course, Israel and Lily were pleasantly surprised that there wasn’t the normal “drop-off” in numbers during the 7-months. The attendees were a mixture of Pastors and leaders. We divided some of the modules into two large groups, and at other times kept them all together in one large group. It was good to have a change in the group dynamics.

Graduation - The Pastors

Graduation – The Pastors

Part of the culture here in Guatemala is that of celebration. Often a good reason can be found to have a gathering of friends and family for a rites of passage or moment of transition (endings or beginnings). And the end of the Diploma course was another reason to celebrate. Some of the people who attended the course have not completed school, so it was a great opportunity to acknowledge all those who attended and how well they had done. It was an amazing achievement for many of them to be part of this group.

Graduation – The Leaders

For me, it was a privileged from start to finish to have the opportunity to teach on this diploma. I received such a warm welcome and openness to what was being taught. They were very gracious as I walked slowly through my sessions. This kindness continue throughout, and even at the graduation ceremony the classes made a ‘plaque’ for me to commemorate the way I had taught in a “open and honest way, willing to share my experiences and life with them”. This really touched me deeply, and it made me reflect on how could I be better at the “art of celebration” as well as acknowledging the impact of others on my life.

Receiving the love (and the plaque!)

It is great to see that through the process of teaching it is possible to be changed, and at its best, grown by the experience.




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