A Workshop in Chiquimula

13 10 2012

Last Saturday Benjamin went to a town in the eastern part of Guatemala with Israel and Lily (the Directors of Centro Esdras) as well as Trish who also works on a voluntary basis for CE.  Israel, Benjamin and Lily were teaching a group of about 45 church leaders from the town and surrounding area.

Lily in Action

Lily in Action

Benjamin was teaching on developing and maturing in our Christian faith, focussing on the three areas of relationship with God, relationships with Christians and relationships with those not-yet-Christian.

Chiquimula Workshop

Chiquimula Workshop

The first-ever Centro Esdras workshop we attended was also in Chiquimula, 18 months previous.  This second visit was in stark contrast in terms of how much we had progressed in our cultural acclimatisation, and the Spanish comprehension and conversation.  In fact Benjamin felt hugely empowered by the Spirit as he stepped up another level to teach theology to this group of leaders.

Leaders in Chiquimula

Leaders in Chiquimula

God has been incredible in assisting him to learn and now to teach in Spanish.  We are amazed at the changes as we look back over these first 2-years.  He is faithful.




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