A Guatemalan Thank-you / Farewell Party (October 2012)

21 10 2012

One of the things that Guatemalan’s do well is a celebration!  And we decided to immerse ourselves in the culture and celebrate our first 2-years in Guatemala by inviting various people that have been important and influential to us in these early years.  We had a great time at the party held at our house in San Lucas.  About 35 people came.

We got one of our neighbours, who is from El Salvador to come with her huge cooking hot-plate to cook “Pupusas” (an El Salvadorian speciality – small corn tortillas with various fillings).  They all seemed to disappear.  Benjamin cooked a couple of puddings for afters and they were also a hit.

The Pupusas are ready

The Pupusas are ready

One of the characteristics of any Guatemalan celebration is a time for ‘speeches’.  Initially we spoke and thanked everyone for their kindness in welcoming us, for their support in tangible ways over the 2-years, for their friendship and of course how beautiful Guatemala is.  In turn, many of the guests spoke of us and what they saw and appreciated about our family.  In our culture, it is not always easy for us to receive compliments, but the Guatemalans are so genuine, warm and effusive in their words, and the language is so lyrical and beautiful in its expression of deep sentiment – it is heart-warming, tear-jerking and spirit-filled.  It is an amazing part of their culture that acknowledges and builds people up.  We are all up for that.

A time to share

A time to share




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