The Return to Guatemala

9 04 2013

It feels great to be back.  We were ecstatic to be back in our home and have our own space (and beds) again.  We loved seeing Israel & Lily and their family as well as Suzanne and others that we have become close to during our initial years in Guatemala.

Benjamin was part of Centro Esdras’ 4th anniversary celebrations soon after we came back.  He is back in the office, helping with upcoming events as well as the ongoing Pastor’s Diploma course, and will be off next week to a workshop with leaders and pastors in Chichicastenango.

Daniel has loved being back at school with his friends.  In the Guatemalan system, he is in the ‘Kinder’ level.  He goes to a local private school so his mates are all Guatemalans and his Spanish comprehension is now very good.  He speaks well enough to communicate in Spanish and loves his school because ‘it is so much fun’.  Charmari does a little bit of extra work at home with him in terms of English reading and maths, but we are just happy that he is content and safe in a fun learning environment.


Jonah has enjoyed his times at home with his mummy and especially his little brother.  We think that he might do a few days at the school later in the year, but at this stage he is happy at home.  Elijah keeps growing and learning.  He left at the young age of 4 months for home leave and has returned as a very different 9-month old who plays, interacts and sits at the meal-table with us.  At 10 months he now has two teeth, crawls quickly, adores his brothers, loves books, music and grown-up food (including curry – not with chilli just to add).  He sleeps 11 hours at night and is nearly walking.


It feels like a new phase for Charmari this time round, especially as the early baby days are over.  She is part of a fortnightly mum’s group and is helping at Daniel’s school one morning a week with English.  She is also trying to find ways to get some childcare during the day so she can attend a weekly church prayer meeting as well as the monthly Centro Esdras prayer meetings in the city.  She is leading her first Spanish bible-study in a week at the Latin Link monthly meeting.  She is also praying for continued opportunities to connect with Guatemalan mums as well as missionary wives.

We are glad to be back and look forward to all that God has for us in the coming year.  He has taught us so much in the last few months, and we continue to grow and seek after his face and live with greater expectancy of seeing the Spirit at work in our midst.




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